19.04.2017, Stephan Dillemuth Sound and Smoke – a Revue in Pictures

Vernissage am 21.04.2017

Ausstellungsdauer: 22.04.2017-11.06.2017

Stephan Dillemuth (*1954 Büdingen, Germany) considers his potential as a visual artist in front of the backdrop of a changing concept of what the word “public” implies. Contemplating his own involvement and the possible ways he could act as an artist, he asks to what extent self-organization and personal and collective integrity can be created within the framework of a society bent on control. With its methods of reflection, analysis, and experimentation, art creates new beauty, but also has the potential to change society. To test ways of examining current issues, Dillemuth also investigates historical movements and upheavals in society. To arrive at new results this research must also be questioned via experimental, artistic means; in the format of a revue visitors will encounter pictures, objects, andinstallations plus videos, lectures, and publications.



Stephan DillemuthThe pleasures of now2016
Several detached body casts in order to be hung from the ceiling and been seen from one viewpoint as a wholevariable dimension, Foto: Aurelien Mole

Aurelien Mole